Our Mission


Physicians or other healthcare professionals know they have a responsibility to ensure their education continues throughout their entire career. Memorial University, Faculty of Medicine delivers up to date, accredited and evidence-based content to a national audience via MDcme.ca.

MDcme.ca is a FREE service that enables our audience to select the clinical or non-clinical topic area from a list of courses, safe in the knowledge that all accreditation guidelines (CFPC and RCPSC), and ethical guidelines (Rx&D and CMA) have been stringently followed.

Memorial University is an accredited provider of continuing medical education/continuing professional development by the Committee on Accreditation of Medical Education (CACME) of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC).

CACME accreditation provides a transparent and accountable process to ensure that our programs exhibit the highest standards of performance expected of an academic institution and that we contribute to the health needs of society.

Count on MDcme.ca for CREDIBLE professional education.


We know you’re busy, and for that reason education should be there for you when you need it. By taking courses via MDcme.ca, participants can register for FREE at any time and gain immediate access to courses. Our modules are delivered in a self-directed environment and feature tools that allow you to delve into as much detail as you wish. Features include:

  • Case management approaches to clinical education - Case based discussion of important learning objectives enable our learners to put themselves in the role of the physician, diagnosing problems and using guidelines to prescribe correct paths forward.
  • Discussion boards - Engaging with peers to discuss cases, concepts and overall courses. The informal aspect of learning is one of the biggest drivers of knowledge retention, and in compliance with RCPSC and CFPC guidelines we facilitate discussions between learners.
  • Additional resources – sometimes the amount of content related to clinical areas can be overwhelming. We focus our courses on core content, and provide additional reading, printable charts, practice management tools and patient fact sheets to our learners who want to know more about a topic.
  • Knowledge tests – A newer feature of our courses is the “Case player”. We work with our content experts to provide regular questions related to specific content. The questions are presented to the individual. Once answered the learner is given the subject matter expert (SME) response (so the learner can benchmark against the expert), plus they are able to see a random sampling of their peer’s responses for comparison purposes.
  • Ask an Expert – all MDcme.ca courses also feature an "Email a Specialist". This allows our learners to ask the content expert directly for further information related to content/cases.
  • Course Evaluations – enable us to find out if the content will help you in your future practice, provides feedback to the SME, and helps MDcme improve what we offer you.

You’ll find our accredited courses rely on instructional approaches that relate directly to the topic at hand. We don’t use templates or cookie cutter approaches to content. We work directly with the expert physician who writes the material – that way we know first-hand how his or her experience in this area can be related back to you – the learner.

At the end of the day, we all need ACCESSIBLE access to quality education.


Online learning has moved beyond the “anytime, anywhere” concept. Our learners are busy people, but they are also diligent in their education and recognize that their patients’ outcomes are a priority to them.

Although the majority of our learners are physicians, we also have a substantial number of non-physician learners as subscribers. As a result, our planning committees sometimes feature professions such as Nurse Practitioners so that their educational requirements can be addressed.

As a busy health professional, fit MDcme into your FLEXIBLE learning portfolio.